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  1. Take the Quiz.

  2. Determine on a scale of 1-10 where 10 is the highest, how well you Can-Do each reading skill.

  3. Pause the video if you need more time to read the statement.

  4. Calculate your score. A low score identifies what reading skills to improve. A high score means your skills are developed.

  5. Decide if you prefer self-study or taking a course to prepare for CELBAN Reading.

Length: 2 min. Take this quiz to discover the answers to these questions experientially. Through this video, you will read several Can-Do statements. Discern what you need to improve and what skill you need your reviewer/coach/teacher to teach you.

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  1. Just like the previous quiz, take the quiz. Determine on a scale of 1-10 where 10 is the highest, how well you Can-Do each reading skill.

  2. Again, pause the video if you need more time. And calculate the score.

  3. This time, pay attention to the difference between the Can-Do statements. Compare and Contrast the difference between an 8 and a 9 on the CELBAN.

  4. Finally, notice the four different CELBAN/CLB competencies: Interacting with Others, Getting Things Done, Understanding Information, and Understanding Instructions.

Length: 2 min. What is the difference between an 8 and a 9 in CELBAN Reading? Discover what you MUST know to understand the difference between the CELBAN and the IELTS, and how to prepare for the CELBAN.

Save time and money by using the results from your quiz

to determine who to trust to help you to prepare for the CELBAN.

Two Ways to Prepare for CELBAN Reading

  1. CELBAN Reading Preparation Guide Book

Discover the CELBAN: Available internationally through Amazon

2. CELBAN Online Preparation Courses

Explore CELBANPrep University's app-based virtual campus

  1. CELBAN Reading Preparation Guide Book : Healer Discover the CELBAN

New Release: September 2021

KEYWORDS: CELBAN, reading, fill-in-the-blank, tips, topics, practice, moderately demanding medical situations, comprehend instructions, interact with others, give instructions, get things done.

Prepare For CELBAN Reading: Self-Study Book

πŸ€ Imagine knowing that what you are reading is really helping you to increase your score on the CELBAN.

πŸ€ Imagine if you could learn how to evaluate the blogs, online news items and articles to determine what reading level they have been written for.

πŸ€ Imagine if you could learn the secret to ensuring that what you are reading is progressive so that you choose texts that go from being fairly easy and accessible (Intermediate) to plain English (Upper Intermediate) to fairly difficult (Advanced).

There are 2 Ways to Use this CELBAN Reading Preparation Guide:

  1. As a SELF-STUDY Guide Book, or

  2. As a textbook during an Online CELBAN course offered through CELBANPrep University. Learn more about How To Prepare for the CELBAN! πŸ”—

Get your paperback copy from these Amazon sites:


NOTE: A book like this costs $20 USD to print and distribute, which does not cover the costs of writing, editing, graphic design and layout.

What You Will Learn:

  • Important skills you must demonstrate during CELBAN Reading.

  • Tips & Topics to get the required score and even surpass it!

  • what you need to overcome, through a Self-Evaluation to determine what is slowing you down, standing in your way, or stopping you from getting the required score.

  • Discover why WISE Internationally Educated Nurses pass the exam and others don't.

  • Learn the SECRET WAYS to determine the grade level of what you have been reading.

  • Make WISER DECISIONS about what you are reading so that you save both time and money.

  • and more...

What You Get:

Get lesson plans to develop the skills you need to increase your score in reading on the CELBAN.

  • Part I: Understand the role of the CELBAN in preparing to become a nurse in Canada, when it comes to reading.

  • Part II: Structured weekly lesson plans to develop skills for the reading tasks

  • and more...

Other NEW RELEASE: September 2021

2. CELBAN Online Preparation Courses

You MUST use a GMail account to access CELBANPrep University.

Learn About the CELBANPrep Compassionate Pricing Policy

The CELBANPrep Pricing Policy (4 min)

Introducing CELBANPrep University

Through CELBANPrep University's app-based campus there are 3 ways to prepare for the CELBAN: a FREE Tour, a monthly subscription, and online CELBAN preparation courses.


Get a FREE Visitor's Pass to explore CELBANPrep University's virtual campus. Through this tour you will learn how to use the app as well as access:

    • CELBAN Information,

    • Welcome Gifts,

    • our International Bookstore,

    • and more....


Available to OPEN students with a subscription to CELBANPrep University you can engage in a specially crafted reading skill training program that allows you to progress in your reading from:

  • Fairly easy and accessible (Intermediate) to

  • Plain English (Upper Intermediate) to

  • Fairly Difficult (Advanced).

Through the quizzes, you will identify: the central idea, characterizations, inferences, points of view, summaries, themes, tones, and vocabulary.


Reading skills are required and developed through all of CELBANPrep's Course Offerings including:

  • The Secrets to Success on the CELBAN (and in Life) MasterMind

  • The CELBANPrep 90 Day Challenge

All of this CELBAN preparation material is available through CELBANPrep University's app-based virtual campus.

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