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CELBAN Reading Preparation Guide: Healer Discover the CELBAN

What You Will Learn:

  • Important skills you must demonstrate during CELBAN Reading.

  • Tips & Topics to get the required score and even surpass it!

  • what you need to overcome, through a Self-Evaluation to determine what is slowing you down, standing in your way, or stopping you from getting the required score.

  • Discover why WISE Internationally Educated Nurses pass the exam and others don't.

  • Learn the SECRET WAYS to determining the grade level of what you have been reading.

  • Make WISER DECISIONS about what you are reading so that you save both time and money.

  • and more...

What You Get:

Get lesson plans to develop the skills you need to increase your score in reading on the CELBAN.

  • Part I: Understand the role of the CELBAN in preparing to become a nurse in Canada, when it comes to reading.

  • Part II: Structured weekly lesson plans to develop skills for the reading tasks

  • and more...

There are 2 Ways to Use this Preparation Guide:

  1. As a SELF-STUDY, or

  2. As a textbook during an Online CELBAN course offered through CELBANPrep University. Learn more about How To Prepare for the CELBAN! πŸ”—

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KEYWORDS: CELBAN, reading, fill-in-the-blank, tips, topics, practice, moderately demanding medical situations, comprehend instructions, interact with others, give instructions, get things done.

NOTE: A book like this costs $20 USD to print and distribute, which does not cover the costs of writing, editing, graphic design and layout.

You MUST use a GMail account to access CELBANPrep University.

Other NEW RELEASE: September 2021

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